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CobbWeb Solutions are experts in designing and maintaining websites that work, and in building audiences on social media for businesses like yours.  When we work with you, we consider ourselves partners in your business – your success is our success!

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk, and while we can work with anyone, anywhere, we are proud to be based in one of the most beautiful yet dynamic parts of the UK!

We are not just any web communications company, and we offer:

  • Free consultation or audit to prove ourselves to you
  • Unlimited passion to help you succeed
  • A truly personal service that includes 24/7 support
Dan Cobbett

Put simply, I am here to help your business thrive online. I am passionate about clear and clean design, and will make it as easy as possible for your customers to click where you want them to click on your website and social media. Contact me, I'd love to work with you!

Dan Cobbett, Founder CobbWeb Solutions

Agency expertise with the service of your own designer

CobbWeb was set up by me, Dan Cobbett, in 2017.  In my time I have been a journalist, press officer, and written web copy for local government – I have always been enthusiastic about communication.

The internet full of interesting and challenging opportunities when it comes to YOUR business and how you communicate, and I would love to work with you to exploit these opportunites together!  I am certain that we could work well together, please get in touch!

Where am I based?:  Suffolk in the UK.  However, the web makes the world a small place, and I would be happy to work with anyone, anywhere!

What makes me different?:  You won’t find anyone more enthusiastic than me when it comes to the opportunities that the web offers businesses.  I take pride in the personal service that I offer.  With CobbWeb you get me, whenever you need me, not a faceless agency designer at the other end of an email.

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