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Likes and share are good, dominating social media is better.  CobbWeb will ensure your organisation masters the power of social media!

Leverage the power of social media

Social media is everywhere which means your customers are available in new and exciting ways.  

It is more important than ever for businesses to not only react to customers talking about them online, but to also proactively reach out to them.

But where to begin?  Which social media channels work best for YOUR business, and what would you day to customers when you found them?

This is where we at CobbWeb can help.  We are qualified and experienced marketers that get results from social media.

Our social media management activities include:

  • Communication (new products, events, announcements)
  • Responding to customer comments and queries
  • Growing fans/likes/followers of social media profiles and increasing brand awareness and sales
  • Reputation management
  • Community cultivation and management
  • Monitoring and management of spam

Take control of your message

Social media is easy to get wrong – with so many platforms out there, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between, it’s tempting to think you should be on ALL of them…

At CobbWeb we  use our experience of maintaining profiles on social media to work with you, and decide together which social media is right for YOUR business.  If it’s just one, we’ll say so.

We can ensure that your voice and message are consistent whether we’re responding to a customer service query, or promoting your business with an industry related post. 

Be where your customers are

CobbWeb can manage your entire social media communication, freeing up precious time for YOU

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