Digital marketing - the power of real-time engagement

It is harder than ever to capture customer attention, but CobbWeb Solutions will target your customers at the right place at the right time.

Meet your customers where they are spending time: Online

Your customers are spending twice as much time online today than they were twelve years ago. CobbWeb Solutions can help you communicate and connect with current and prospective customers with increasingly dynamic customer interactions.

There are a huge amount of activities that fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing, and some of the activities that CobbWeb can carry out to grow your business are:

SEO is the process of optimising the content of your website to “rank” higher in search engine result pages.  The higher you appear on a search engine results page, the more traffic your website will receive.  CobbWeb will ensure your site has the best possible chance of appearing on page one of a search results page.

Paid Search is also known as “Pay Per Click (PPC)”, and is the process of paying for advertising to appear at the top of a search engine results page.  While a lot of SEO activities have no extra cost, PPC, by definition, does – you pay the publisher of the ad every time it is clicked.

These activities cover the promotion of your business and your web content on social media.  This could be to raise awareness of your brand, to advertise a promotion or competition, to support the launch of a new product, or to deliver an important piece of news, for example.

Content Marketing relates to the creation and promotion of content online which is relevant and valuable to potential customers which may not explicitly promote your brand, but which achieves brand awareness, an increase in traffic to your site, or an increase in leads for your business.  In a world where “content is King”, CobbWeb ensures that your content attracts and retains the audience that YOU want.

Email Marketing is still one of the most effective and valuable ways to communicate directly with your audience.  This method allows you to promote content, events and news about your business and direct people to your website.

Beyond boundaries and ahead of your competitors

CobbWeb harnesses the power of Digital Marketing to talk to your customers when and where they are most receptive

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